2011 was a big year for advertising...and diapers. I spent nearly that entire year concepting various spots for P&G'S Luvs Diapers brand, and couldn't be prouder with the "award-winning" outcome. An Olympics-level "pooping" competition, set to the musical stylings of Tag Team, and with the brilliance of San Fransisco-based animation studio Mekanism bringing it to life, won us the Worst Commercial of 2011 Award. Among the many wins, we considered getting the track "Whoop, There It Is" remixed to "Poop, There It Is," but decided to save the client the $95K in song rights and talent that would require, and simply ran this ad with the original track. We even loosely styled the judges in the likeness of the then-popular American Idol crew, because, well, we could. Turns out poop-related anything is a polarizing topic whether it's hilarious cartoon comedy or not. One thing we can all agree on is how memorable this ad was regardless of its "soiled" content. 

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