To honor the 20th Anniversary of American Rapper Notorious B.I.G.’s death, One Grand Gallery curated a group art show featuring work inspired by him and the legacy he left behind. My main contribution was a zine titled “Ready to Die: 24” featuring 24 (based on his early age at the time of his death) different compositions of Biggie’s most iconic lyrics. A few of the compositions from the zine were also turned into framed prints and t-shirts.

The legendary work of the LA-based print shop Colby Poster Printing Co. was unlikely, but fitting inspiration for this project. Biggie and Colby: Both iconic legends that shaped the respective environments they existed in. Both universally appealing across many cultural landscapes. This was an experiment to explore what would happen with our relationship to his music when his lyrics are isolated as bold, stark simplifications vs. locked into the larger context of the music. The result became a method allowing viewers to pause and identify (or re-identify) with bits of his prose in their own, personal ways.